Tuesday, January 27, 2015

4 Months!

Holy cow, it feels like I've given up on my poor little blog! There, there, Shupaloop blog. There, there. Is it time I rename the blog? Or should we forever be the Shupaloops? I'm pretty sure Chris and I are the only ones who know where Shupaloops started from. Eh, we'll see.
So yes, how are you blogosphere? We are good, here are a quick few photo updates to catch you all up:
Chris and I had an actual date night out that included dinner AND a show. Not just one or the other, or fast food and a movie. A sit down dinner and a nice seat to see Jim Gaffigan. It was full of Hot Pocket funniness.
 We met up with my family from Kansas in Branson, Missouri for some long over due catching up. It was absolutely great.

 Halloween brought out the witch, the crow, and the football player.
One regretfully boring Saturday we hopped in the car and drove to the humane society and came home with a mini Spike named Rue.
She also may be part cat.
 Millie continues to have daily fashion shows that sometimes include her dad.
 Someone turned 32.
There's no better way to celebrate 11 years of marriage other than buying dog food. All we needed to do next was buy a package of diapers. That's when you know you are knee deep in wedded bliss.
For the past eight years we've read this little board book every Christmas Eve.
This guy woke up Christmas morning a little too anxious or had too many Christmas cookies the night before. He had a whopping two cookies, but was convinced he over did it.
A case of the barfies will not take away his happiness, though. All the kid wanted was this jersey for Christmas. And it hasn't come off his body since. How did we get a Dolphins fan in this house?
 My mama retired.
 The New Year came. (at 9:30)
This guy turned 32 last week.

Now, I promise I won't will try not to let this happen again. Shupe overload! We have a few house projects coming up. And I will someday soon show pictures of the awesome playhouse Chris and his dad built last summer. It is the best thing ever!


Rachel said...

I love all the pictures!
And I LOOOOOVE the pic of all the cousins! Can you email that to me? You may have tried to send it to Paul's phone on our way home, but it wouldn't receive the attachment. We tried all the way home.
Congrats to your mama! I hadn't heard that she retired. It was good to "hear" from you on here. :)

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