Sunday, May 13, 2012

Special Surprise Vacation...Revealed!!

If you haven't heard or guessed, it was a Disney Cruise!!!
And forgive me now for picture overload. We actually only had the camera with us a few of the days because we were too busy having fun!
And be not mistaken, we did board the ship in our swim gear. That is my tip numero one for you. You may look a little white trash getting on the boat in your swimmies, but when you don't have your room until the afternoon and have kids, you need to head to the pool.
This cruise was out of Florida. The five day to Key West, Nassau, Bahamas, and Disney's private Castaway Cay. There were definite ups and downs with the cruise, but nothing that was a deal breaker that wouldn't make me take another one, because we will! The rooms are the largest of any ship I have been on. We went to the show every night and they were impressive. The kids clubs, awesome. Dinners, tastiest I've had on a cruise. Check in and out was the easiest thing EVER. The service was top notch. Now to the downers. The breakfast buffet was nothing to be desired and super cramped. The pools could use some updating. On our sea day they were jam packed. And they didn't have endless snacks. And mama needs her snacks. On other ships you could mosey somewhere and find a cookie or pizza (the did have pizza actually), but on this ship it seemed like everything but the bars and lounges  shut down at night. I guess there is room service.
And lucky for us there was a rocket launching over at Kennedy so we got a once in a lifetime, front row seat, to the launching of it. And it was insane! We saw it launch. Moments later heard the rumble. And moments after that actually felt the power of the take off. It rocked! 
The rest of these photos are just a couple of my faves. Jack endlessly water sliding. My favorite Indonesian, Arsa. A sweet shot of jumping on the bed. Kisses on the deck. Making flubber (one of Jack's favorite activities on the ship). Pirate night. Millie stealing the camera (and the show) and walking around with a winch at bingo taking random shots. Standing like flamingos. Jack learning to swim under water.
I know this looked like a blast. And it was. But nothing brings you back to the reality of traveling with a five year old and a two year old when Jack tells Millie she is a sassy britches in the airport and her screaming at the top of her lungs," I AM NOT A SAAAASSSY BITCHES!"



Rachel said...

Love the two pics on the deck (I guess) - the one of Chris with both kids, and the one of you with Millie... The lighting is just perfect! And it sums up your family so well (Compliment!)

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