Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jack 2011-2012

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We celebrated Jack's birthday over the weekend and whoa, it was a jam packed, fun filled weekend of celebrating. I also had my sis-in-laws baby shower that I co-hosted as well. Yeah, I was breathing easy by Monday night. More to come on the happenings of Sunday and Monday.
As usual, I am going to try and not get all gooey on ya over my kid. But it is bound to happen. All I can say is how cool is it that my kid wanted to have a geography birthday? The party planner in me got all sorts of excited. As did the party planner in Jack. He came up with most of the games and decor. Literally, he colored all the flags for the party for the last three months. WE ARE DEDICATED TO PARTYING. Here are some pics of his special day. FIVE. I have a five year old. And he pretty much blows my mind every day. 

Jack's Invitations from zazzle.com. They were destination wedding invites that I re-worded into these super cute thangs.

 The kid of the day.

I found the birthday banner and table cloth in old party stuff under the stairs. Score!

I made this bad boy with a little help from my dad. He made the base, I made the cake. I tried rice krispies on the bottom portion, but they just didn't hold up. So I used styrofoam on the bottom and cake on the top. Adding fondant onto a sphere is difficult, hard, near impossible. There were definite imperfections, but Jack luuuved it. And it was to scale! And it spun! Oh yeah!

Jack's annual Book of Jack.

These went around the whole entire room. And Jack can tell you pretty much every single country they belong to.

I bought the beach ball globes and a game on orientaltradingcompany.com. The globes were used as decor and party favors. Bonus!

Thanks to my bro-in-law for being a sweet uncle and awesome civil engineer by printing off a couple maps so the kids could play Pin-the-State.
I also attempted to make a homemade earth pinata, but it deflated as I spray painted it blue. Clearly I did something wrong. It was was fine though, it felt a little weird smashing the earth into smithereens. Soooo we let Jack pick out one at Zurchers. An orca. And we beat the hell out of that instead. 

Jack has been dying, I say DYING, like tell us everyday that he needs a vacation type of dying. So Chris and I gave him an airplane ticket for his birthday. He was terrified that we were shipping him off somewhere alone. He crawled over to me and said,"All by myself?" Not quite how I pictured it going. But I assured him that the whole family will be going with him on a special surprise vacation. So excited!

FIVE. I have a five year old. And he pretty much blows my mind every day. 


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