Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kitchen Backsplash

Now Chris and I have our struggles, where to go to dinner, which direction should the swing set face, uuummm PROCRASTINATION. BUT, we also have our strengths. Like being awesome dancers, singers, baby rockers, sweet treats eaters, board game players. Big, important stuff. But one of our best and proudest of mine is being financially responsible. (Thanks banker mom) So we usually set goals and save. Or with Chris having a commission we can usually fortune tell what is coming in the next few months. There are definitely times when we credit card it up, but it is usually swiftly paid off. No credit card fees puh-lease! 
So, here were our goals for the Dry Drought Utah Winter (it is sixty degrees today) of 2014-2015. 
One- Kitchen Backsplash
Two- Cabinets in the laundry room
Not to lofty, eh? 
There are tons of DIYers out there doing there own backslashes. We were not ready for that. We also needed a real tile guy to come and look at our master bath shower that was HORRIBLY done when we built two years ago. Some of the grout is turing black (eek!) and the caulking is coming of ev-er-y-where.
Long story short, it isn't mold, it was just laid badly and the color of the drywall is seeping into the grout. Nice, huh? Ugly, but we aren't inhaling mold. Lungs for the win! He says the shower should last a couple more years. So bad and good. Something that we can live with and don't have to pay for now, sounds good to me.
Here are the lovely rosy, colored shots of before the tile was laid. I seriously wish I knew how to use a camera. About half way through I figured out how to make them less orange.

And here is after! Still not the best photography, but it is so pretty and simple and has really lightened up what is actually one of the darkest rooms in the house. We went with the most cost-effective, simple, timeless tile we could. It's your basic subway tile and we went with a medium gray grout. Easy clean, easy on the eyes. I am really happy about it. I just need to add a few more pops of color or some natural elements to get away from the the whole black and whiteness of it all.

Putting in our hood will come along sometime. It only took us two years to put in the backsplash, so maybe two more to put the hood in?

And yes, you noticed. We still do not have a dining room table. Someday eating at an actual table will trump indoor soccer and blanket pull rides. We only have a few more years of that, so blanket pull rides for the win.


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