Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Miss May's Birthday

Happy birthday to this girl…(last month)…..

This is Laney. This is her face in photos 90% of the time.
Doggie photo bomb. It happens regularly.

Laney had a bird themed party because she is not only our Boo Bear, but our Laney Bird.
I had most of the decorations left over from Millie's previous birthdays and random tidbits from around the house, but I did buy the birdhouses and a couple spools of ribbon. Oh, and I had to make her a birthday hat. Don't you know me by now?

We have used the same #1 candle for each of the kids' first birthdays. I think that little blue candle will live in our junk drawer forever. 
Whew! What a year. And I know our little Laney gets a bad rap (half of it deservedly), but I wouldn't give up a single second of her screaming in my ear. And to her credit, she was our happiest baby on her first birthday. Jack was grumpy and Millie was sick and grumpy. So yeah, you go girl! 
She may be our loudest, most convicted, and by far hungriest one of the bunch, but she is STRONG inside and out. Happy day sweetness. Mom and Dad love you.
Oh, and just for fun. And because I like to make myself cry.

 (And she's our happiest child!)
(He's seven by the way)


Rachel said...

So sweet!
Can't wait to see you guys in PERSON in a month!

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